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You are a communicative and organised team player. You enjoy administrative tasks, commercial processes and working on the PC.


Are you a creative mind who likes to work out concepts and implement them directly? You have organisational and language skills.


You have the right app for every situation and know the latest devices on the market. You are rarely seen offline. You are a friend of numbers, data and facts who works in a structured way in the office.


You are already someone who advises others on how to use PCs, tablets and smartphones because you like to use them yourself. You look for suitable solutions for bugs and hardware problems directly online.


You enjoy designing a functioning organisational system that makes your team's work easier. Others appreciate your practical thinking and your eye for the essentials.


You combine good spatial thinking with attention to detail. Technology fascinates you, but you can't imagine working only on the machine, but prefer to implement your projects on the PC.


As a child, you put together the electrical construction kit in no time at all because you are a talented tinkerer. You are interested in electronics as well as mechanics and would never trade a workplace for an office chair?


You are fascinated by machines and technology. That's why you also like to work with crafts in your free time. For you, working means seeing your result at the end of the day.


Metal, machines and high speeds are words that arouse your curiosity. You would like to learn how to program machines and you also have manual skills.


Practical work is your thing. You are not intimidated by the size of a machine, because you know how to handle it.


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