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Social commitment

Life is not always fair or just. And people get into difficult or even life-threatening situations without any fault of their own. Helping and supporting them is an unspoken duty of every society. And as part of this society, HAIMER supports people directly or through involvement in various organizations.

Orphanage in India

Orphanage-india-haimer | © HAIMER

According to estimates by Human Rights Watch and Unicef, more than 20 million children in India live permanently on the streets and in the most poverty-stricken conditions. Many of them have no parents or family to support them. 

In collaboration with the non-profit organization "BSSK", HAIMER supports the operation of an orphanage in Pune, India. The HAIMER subsidiary HAIMER India is also located in this city. 

The building, which has a total of six floors, houses the entire administration, seminar rooms, an infant ward, group dormitories, play and learning rooms as well as a canteen. Adoption families, as well as overburdened parents and relatives, find here a place to go for further education or to find help.

Charity run

Charity-run-haimer-2018 | © HAIMER

Every year, HAIMER and its employees participate in the "Aichacher Company Donation Run" organized by the “Aichacher Zeitung” and “Laufclub Aichach”. At this event, HAIMER donates a sum of money per round that benefits the Aichacher community foundation "Bürger helfen Bürger".

“Médecins Sans Frontières”

medecins-sans-frontieres-haimer-support-people | © HAIMER

HAIMER also participates in the work of the aid organization "Doctors Without Borders" in the form of regular donations. This organization carries out humanitarian aid projects and emergency medical services in over 70 countries worldwide. 

The spectrum of tasks ranges from medical care, treatment and support of people in need of help in crisis areas to the organization and provision of medical supplies in crisis and war zones.

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