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HAIMER CARE - Maintenance

HAIMER CARE – Maintenance program

HAIMER offers the right maintenance package for every customer. Whether you want flexibility, cost efficiency or maximum security, you decide which package fits your company.

HAIMER CARE - Single Maintenance

For customers who want flexibility

The HAIMER CARE Single Maintenance offers maximum flexibility without compromises in terms of quality. One of our more than 50 application engineers worldwide ensures that your machine is in optimal condition. You decide when and how often you want your machine to be maintained.

  • Maintenance according to HAIMER checklist
  • No obligations
  • Full flexibility
  • Retraceable calibration
  • Calibration possible with ISO certificate

HAIMER CARE - Premium Maintenance

For those who value maximum security and cost efficiency

The HAIMER CARE Premium Maintenance offers three years of security along with attractive discounts on all spare parts at no additional cost. For the same price, you will receive all services included in the Individual Maintenance plus the following benefits during the entire term of your premium contract.

  • 15% discount on spare parts
  • 15% discount on wear parts
  • No express rate for emergency situations

With HAIMER CARE Premium Maintenance, you can be sure your Tool Management system will always meet the high demands of your company.

HAIMER CARE - Quality Wins

For all who demand the highest quality

Quality Wins is not just a slogan for us, but the basic principle upon which the entire HAIMER business is based. 
Similar to Premium Maintenance, Quality Wins Maintenance offers three years of security, but at a whole different level:

  • Travel expenses included
  • 100% discount on all spare parts
  • 35% discount on wear parts
  • Two additional hours of training for your employees
  • Machine CARE-Kit
  • Warranty extension up to 24 months

The Quality Wins Maintenance is the ultimate security system for your HAIMER machines. With this system, your company will be ultimately prepared to face all future challenges with confidence and trust.

your benefits at a glance

Service Single Maintenance Premium Maintenance Quality Wins Maintenance
Duration Once 3 Years 3 Years
Maintenance according to the HAIMER checklist
Discount on wear parts - 15% 35%
Discount on all spare parts - 15% 100%
Warranty extension - - Up to 24 months
Travel costs and expenses - -
Express surcharge Charged extra
Training - -
Machine-CARE-Kit - -


HAIMER CARE – Combination Discounts

HAIMER is your partner for conceptual design and equipment for your tool management room. As your system provider for tool management solutions we plan, install and maintain your HAIMER machines around your machine tool. The more HAIMER machines you use in your tool room, the more benefits you can enjoy with our maintenance program. 

Add maintenance to all of your HAIMER machines and you will automatically receive discounts on your annual rates. The discounts applied can be found in the table below:

Machines Single Premium Quality Wins
1 HAIMER machine - - -
2 HAIMER machines 25% * 25% * 50% *
3 HAIMER machines 50% * 50% * Pay 2, get 3 maintenance services
4 or more HAIMER machines* 25% extra per machine* 25% extra per machine* 33% extra per machine*


* All discounts are applied to the most inexpensive maintenance rate.


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